1. in an offensive and hateful manner

I don't know anyone who could have behaved so abominably

Syn: ↑detestably, ↑repulsively, ↑odiously
Derived from adjective: ↑odious (for: ↑odiously), ↑abominable, ↑repulsive (for: ↑repulsively), ↑detestable (for: ↑detestably)
2. in a terrible manner

she sings terribly

Syn: ↑terribly, ↑atrociously, ↑awfully, ↑abysmally, ↑rottenly
Derived from adjective: ↑rotten (for: ↑rottenly), ↑awful (for: ↑awfully), ↑atrocious (for: ↑atrociously), ↑terrible (for: ↑terribly)

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